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Complete Repairs, Sales and Motor Redesigns in Edmonton

For more than 20 years, Superior Pump & Motor Service Ltd. has been capable of fulfilling a wide variety of project requirements for pumps, services, and machinery, directly at your site or at our complete machine shop. Our workmanship has led to thousands of satisfied customers, and is fully guaranteed to meet EASA standards. Along with motor redesigns in Edmonton, our in-shop services include:

Repairs to all makes of single phase and 3-phase motors

Motor rewinds up to 300 HP

Vibration analysis

Dynamic balance

Metalizing and coating

Fabricating and welding

Complete motor electrical testing, including rotor bar testing and surge comparison

Milling, machining, and manufacturing

System analysis and equipment selection services

Our on-site services include:

Complete on-site repairs to pumps, motors, and fans

Equipment alignment

Dynamic balance

Vibration analysis

System analysis


Keep Your Pump and Motor in Top Condition

From field testing to vibration analysis, we offer a range of services to make sure your pump and motor are in working order.

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